Police Defensive Firearm Training

Mission: "Courage, Confidence and Proficiency Through Training"


Provide advanced and in-service training in basic safety, marksmanship and tactics to police, military and security in the use of the carbine, pistol, or shotgun firearms platforms. I am an NRA Law Enforcement Division Staff Instructor in multiple disciplines. Experienced training hundreds of police officers, corrections, military and nuclear security all over the US since 1995, my background includes training received from US military personnel from NAVSPECWAR, US Army SF, and Special Mission Units. Dedicated to providing solid grounding in the basics with Christian integrity.


The safety of one’s self, colleagues and community are a solemn responsibility. Anyone who carries a gun for a living has a moral obligation to be safe, proficient, and tactically sound as well as asking themselves the hard questions of “when, where, and could I” use a firearm in defense of self or others.

About the Instructor

Ron retired from the City of Allentown (PA) Police as a Lieutenant and Commanding Officer of the Allentown Police Academy. During a career in Patrol, Investigation, Vice and Narcotics, and four years of service with two federal task forces (DEA and FBI), he also trained police recruits and in-service officers in firearms, tactics, and emergency driving. Ron took over Training in 2007, before retiring and going on to serve on two deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

  • Extensive Background, Experience, and Training to develop custom firearms courses based on agency need.
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division Staff Instructor, teaching Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development courses nationwide in Handgun, Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Select Fire and Tactical Shooting.
  • National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association Staff Instructor and Charter Member, developing and training LE Firearms Instructors throughout the United States.
  • Some classes approved by MPOETC for Continuing Law Enforcement Education credits (CLEE).
  • American Red Cross Instructor for CPR/First Aid/ AED
  • Authorized to teach Carry of Concealed Weapons Defense class by the States of Delaware.
  • Authorized to teach Armed Security Agents in Pennsylvania (Act 235) and Delaware, Use of Force, Handcuffing, Baton, and Firearms
  • Authorized to train Armed Security Agents in the State of Florida.
  • Monadnock/Safariland Training Group certified Baton Instructor

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