Ron retired from the City of Allentown (PA) Police as a Lieutenant and Commanding Officer of the Allentown Police Academy. During a career in Patrol, Investigation, Vice and Narcotics, and four years of service with two federal task forces (DEA and FBI), he also trained police recruits and in-service officers in firearms, tactics, and emergency driving. Ron took over Training in 2007, before retiring and going on to serve on two deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.

Police Defensive Firearms Training; President/CEO
November 2016-Present; Provide Basic and Advanced Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle training to LE Agencies and Armed Security. Custom courses depending on goals and experience. DUNS 080458851 CAGE 7RK66

National Rifle Association, Law Enforcement Division
2006-Present; Fairfax, VA. Teach national level Police Firearms Instructor Development courses in Patrol Rifle, Handgun/Shotgun, Tactical Shooting and Select Fire weapons systems.

National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (NLEFIA)
2019-Present; Staff Instructor and Charter Member, developing and training LE Firearms Instructors throughout the United States.

US Security Care, Inc.
Training Manager. July 2013-Oct 2016; Blue Bell, PA. Lead and administer training function in a multi-state security company involved in armed Executive Protection for high net-worth clients, armed Residential Security, and Armed and Un-Armed Asset Protection Agents.

Engility (formerly MPRI, Inc.),
Law Enforcement Professional; Operation Enduring Freedom. 2010-2013; Alexandria / Chantilly, VA. Lead and develop in-country team of staff to support United States and Afghan security forces, providing training, leadership, mentoring and advising. Drive investigations and mentor/train U.S. Army soldiers and Afghan National Police undercover operatives in counter-IED missions. Develop best practices, training courses and deliver assignments for evidence-based operations and warrant-based targeting. Collaborate with Afghan judiciary in Herat City and Afghan National Directorate of Security on investigations of insurgents to protect U.S. and innocent Afghan lives.

National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division Staff Instructor
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development Courses in Handgun, Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, and Tactical Shooting

Authorized by MPOETC to train/qualify active duty Law Enforcement Officers and retired Law Enforcement who reside in PA

Formal Training

Ron Flowers has received over 3000 hours of formal training. Below is a partial list of the training he has received.

AMTAC and STG Pistol, Vehicle Combatives
June 9-11, 2021; Double Eagle Pocono, PA. AMTAC Shooting and Sayoc Tactical Group, Pistol Fundamentals, Sayoc kali bascis, Vehicle Tactics and Combatives. 28 hours.

DeFoor Carbine
June 5-6, 2021; Bethlehem (PA) Police Range. Kyle DeFoor, DeFoor Proformance, former USN NSW Special Mission Unit. Two days of intensive carbine shooting, Combatives, and Sayoc Kali blade work. 16 hours.

Haley Strategic D5 Handgun
May 10-12, 2021; WSSA, Lewisberry, PA. Approaching handgun manipulation fundamentals from the standpoint of human biomechanics, ergonomics and mental processing, Disruptive Science™ Handgun is designed to give students a template for increasing; mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance and spatial awareness while performing skill-based handgun manipulations. 24 hours.

VTAC Carbine 1.5
April 5-6, 2021. Hosted at Sig Sauer Academy, Epping, NH. Kyle Lamb, former SFOD-D, intensive work with carbine. Speed, accuracy, unusual shooting positions/situations. 20 hours.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for LEO/EMR
Feb 27/28, 2021. Templar Medical Training Solutions. NAEMT Certified Course# TL-21-03622-19. TCCC class instructed by former Special Operations 18D’s. 16 hours.

LE Pistol Fundamentals
March 16/17, 2021. Madison NJ PD. Former US Army SFOD-D instructors with Hades Consulting. Intensive training in pistol marksmanship, gun-handling, personal tactics and methodology in gun fighting tactics. Several scored drills for accountability. 16 hours.

DeDoor Vehicle Tactics
Feb 17th-18th, 2020; Franklin Township, NJ. Two days of rifle and pistol tactics, and combatives in and around vehicles, as well as counter-vehicle ambush tactics, with Kyle DeFoor, former NAVSPECWAR. 16 hours.

Sauer P320 Series Armorer Certification
December 10th, 2019; NRA HQ, Fairfax, VA. Certification as Armorer on Sig P320 Series Pistols; 8 hours.

Gamut Resolutions Advanced Rifle and Pistol
Sept 18-19, 2019; Franklin Township, NJ. Bob Keller, of SFOD-D, led and coached two days of skill development on a deeper level, rifles and pistols. 16 hours.

Gamut Resolutions and D-Dey Response Group
Sept 16-17, 2019; Franklin Township NJ. Bob Keller, SFOD-D and Don, former 18D Special Forces Medic. Baic Rifle and Pistol techniques combined with TCCC Trauma Med, incorporated into dry and live fire medical scenarios. 16 hours.

Northern Red Gunfighter Pistol
August 24/25, 2019; Palmyra, PA. Two-day deep practice in the Fundamentals of Pistol, with cadre of Northern Red, decorated combat veterans of the GWOT as former US Army SFOD-D members. 16 hours.

Accelerated Rifle and Pistol
July 31-Aug 2, 2019; Berks Co, PA. Dan Brokos, of Lead Faucet Tactical led a course of fundamental and dynamic challenges for combative pistol and rifle. 24 hours.

ALICE Active Shooter Instructor Training
July 10-11, 2019; Medford NJ. ALICE Training Institute, Active Shooter Instructor class, leading to certification as. Medford, NJ. 16 hours.

CQB Instructor Development, June 26-28, 2019. Hosted by Somerset County (NJ) SWAT. Lead Faucet Tactical’s basic to intermediate course focusing on the fundamentals of Special Operations Instructor CQB Tactics and Principals; Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action. Focused on building blocks of Instructor CQB, specifically the actions of a 4 to 5 man Assault Cell and how they clear multiple room. Also, the administrative knowledge on safely executing Instructor CQB Training. 24 hours.

Accelerated Pistol June 24-25, 2019. Franklin Township PD (NJ). Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical; The course focuses on tactical pistol drills in daylight or night conditions. It includes stationary and non-stationary positions as well as shooting in and around positions of cover. Course covers the 8 fundamentals as well as the Tactical application of cover with and various shooting positions involved, strong and support shooting, support side fundamentals, long range application, reloads, strong and support side, contingencies of one arm or hand shooting. 16 hours.

Tactical Pistol June 22-23, 2019. Onancoke, VA. Kyle Defoor, DeFoor Proformance, former USN NSW Special Mission Unit. Intensive pistol fundamentals under stress, Combatives, and Sayoc Kali blade work. 16 hours.

Tactical Carbine May 18-18, 2019; Bethlehem (PA) Police Range. Kyle DeFoor, DeFoor Proformance, former USN NSW Special Mission Unit. Two days of intensive carbine shooting, Combatives, and Sayoc Kali blade work. 16 hours.

Tactical Shooting Instructor Feb 11-22, 2019; Held at The Range Complex, in Stedman, NC. Cadre retired from SFOD-D and Army Marksmanship Unit. Train-the-trainer in Pistol and Rifle Tactical Shooting and Instruction. 84 hours

Action Response Training (D.A.R.T.) Jan 26/27, 2019; Warmister, PA. Dark Angel Medical training including Hands on practice of Trauma Medicine responses, including tourniquet and hemostatic agent use, in life and death situations, such as MVA’s or Gunshot wounds. 16 hours

Gunfighter Pistol
September 1-2, 2018; Palmyra, PA. Offered by Northern Red, with instructors from the US Army Special Mission Unit. Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, weapon manipulation, balancing speed and accuracy, target discrimination, multiple target engagements, shooting on the move, and performance on demand. 16 hours.

DeFoor Carbine/Pistol and Combatives
August 17-19,2018; Franklin Township, NJ. Instructed by Kyle DeFoor, former NSW Special Mission Operator. Fighting/self-Defensive use of a carbine, pistol, empty hand, and edged weapon. 24 hours.

John McPhee SOB Tactical
Aug 14/15, 2018. Upper Macungie, PA. One day of carbine, one day of pistol. Training and coaching shooting “best practices” via the Modern Coaching Method and video diagnostics. 16 hours.

Direct Action Response Training; Dark Angel Medical
August 11-12, 2018; Franklin Township, NJ. Hands-on practice of Trauma Medicine responses, including tourniquet and hemostatic agent use in life-or-death situations. 16 hours.

DeFoor Pistol and Combatives
June 23-24,2018; Bethlehem, PA. Instructed by Kyle DeFoor, former NSW Special Mission Operator. Fighting/self-Defensive use of a pistol, empty hand, and edged weapon. 20 hours.

Urban Gunfighter-Pistol
May 14-16, 2018; Franklin Township PD hosted Dan Brokos, Lead Faucet Tactical, focusing on the ever-changing contingencies of a gunfight, and involves stationary and non-stationary as well as shooting in and around positions of cover and vehicles. 24 hours.

Courses of Action Rifle and Pistol Training
April 27/28, 2018; Franklin Township, NJ Police Range. Focused training on combat marksmanship with the AR-15 and Pistol firearms. Taught by experienced US Army SF combat veteran. 18 hours.

VP9/VP40 Armorer Class
March 21st, 2018; H&K, Ashburn, Virginia. Training leading to certification as Armorer on the H&K VP9/VP40 series of pistols. 8 hours.

Rifle and Pistol Fundamentals
March 3-4, 2018; Hosted at Franklin Township (NJ) PD Range. Gamut Solutions, Robert Keller. Experienced US Army Special Operations veteran (SFO-D), who focused training on solid fundamentals with rifle and pistol, based on lessons learned post-9/11 and the GWOT. 16 hours.

Pistol Fundamentals
Sept 23/24, 2017; Palmyra, PA. Instructors from Northern Red, veterans of US Army Special Forces and Special Mission Units (SFO-D). Revisiting solid fundamentals of marksmanship with the semi-automatic pistol platform. 18 hours.

Rifle Fundamentals
Aug 18/19, 2017; Bethlehem, PA. Instructors from cadre of Northern Red, veterans of US Army Special Forces and other Army special mission units. Revisiting solid fundamentals of marksmanship with the AR-15 patrol rifle platform. 16 hours.

Simunition Scenario Instructor Course Re-Certification
August 8/9, 2017; N Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, 3-Year Re-Cert. 16 hours. John McPhee Pistol and Carbine Video Diagnostics

June 24-26, 2017; Princeton, NJ. Taught by SGM John McPhee (ret) SFOD-D. Two days of focused analysis and
instruction on the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and one day of carbine. 24 hours.

Bushmaster AR-15 Armorer
June 15-16, 2017; Fairfax, VA., NRA Headquarters. Two-day course leading to AR-15 Armorer Certification. 16 hours.

AMTAC Shooting Instruction; Integrated Shooting and Combatives
June 10-11, 2017; Princeton, NJ. Instructed by Bill Rapier, USN SEAL/DEVGRU (ret). The blending of defensive concepts with primary weapon (handgun), secondary weapon (blade) and empty hand combatives at close range self-defense distances. 20 hours.

John McPhee Carbine Video Diagnostics
May 13th, 2017; Uniontown, PA. Taught by SGTMJR John McPhee (ret) SFOD-D. One day of focused analysis and instruction on the fundamentals of carbine marksmanship. 8 hours.

DeFoor Scoped Rifle
April 3-4, 2017; Jackson, NJ. Instructed by Kyle DeFoor, former NSW Sniper, focus was on 7-600 yard engagements. Observation drills, MOA and Millradians, Hold-overs and Hold-unders, D.O.P.E., and other medium to long range shooting principles; 16 hours.

US Concealed Carry Association Instructor Certification
March 25-26, 2017; Orefield, PA. Train-the-Trainer course of instruction leading the certification by the USCCA as Instructor. 16 hours.

DeFoor Pistol and Combatives
Feb 23-24, 2017; Princeton, NJ. Instructed by Kyle DeFoor, former NSW Special Mission Operator. Fighting/Self-Defensive use of a pistol, empty hand, and edged weapon. 20 hours.

Carbine Tactics
July 5-7, 2016; Palmyra, PA. Three days of training focused on speed, accuracy, and combat decision making with the rifle platform. Northern Red, with cadre from US Army Special Operations. 24 hours.

2-Day Pistol Marksmanship
June 24-25, 2016, Longview, NJ; John McPhee, retired 1st SFOD-D, Pistol Marksmanship training, coaching, and analysis; 16 hours.

Glock Armorer
June 21st, 2016, Fairfax, VA; Certification as Armorer on Glock line of semi-auto handguns; 8 hours.

CTT Solutions Advanced Carbine
June 4-5, 2016; Mike Pannone, formed Force USMC and 1st SFOD-D. Advanced carbine training, including Safety, Manipulations, Shooting Positions, etc, at Bethlehem, PA PD Range; 16 hours.

Tactical Application of Practical Shooting
April 2-3, 2016, at Bethlehem (PA) PD Range. Patrick McNamara, former 1st SFOD-D led Train-the-Trainer in the responsible use of rifle and handgun. Fundamentals and challenging dynamic, problem solving drills and evolutions. 16 hours.

American Tactical Shooting
Nov 7-8, 2015; E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Tactical Employment of the Carbine Fundamentals, instructed by former NAVSPECWAR-DEVGRU veteran; 16 hours.

Northern Red Pistol/Carbine
Aug 21-23, 2015, Bethlehem, PA. Instructors were combat veterans of USA 3rd SFG and SF CIF. Emphasis on strong fundamentals, move-then shoot, shooting while moving; pistol and rifle. 24 hours.

Combative Pistol Level Two
August 1-2, 2015, Palmyra, PA. Trident Concepts LLC, former Naval Special Warfare instructor, Jeff Gonzales. 16+ hours.

(Opposed) Close Quarter Battle
Nov 8-9, 2014, Edison, NJ. Instructors all former or retired members of US Army’s SFOD-Delta. Dynamic building clearing in a Hostage Rescue situation, from lessons learned in OIF and OEF, using Simunitions. 20 hours.

Covert Carry Pistol
July 26-27, 2014; Bethlehem, PA. Instructed by Mike Pannone, former SFOD-D. Intensive practice in close quarter pistol shooting, static and moving, deploying from covert carry/concealment. 16 hours.

CQB Pistol
June 24th, 2014; Hosted by FTPD (NJ), instructed by Command Master Chief, Naval Special Warfare, Dennis Chalker (ret), formerly of DEVGRU. 8 hours.

Tactical Application of Practical Shooting
May 24-25, 2014; Conducted at Franklin Township (NJ) Police Range, instructed by SGTMAJ Patrick McNamara (ret), who retired as Senior Weapons Instructor for SFOD-Delta. 16 hours.

Simunitions Scenario and Safety Instructor
December 3-5, 2013; Conducted at Fairfax Co Police Range, Fairfax, VA. Certified to write and run Simunitions based reality based scenario training. 24 hours.

M-16/AR-15 Armorer
December 10-11, 2011; Conducted by industry recognized instructor from Defensive Edge/SLR15 Rifles, leading to re-certification as Armorer for the above captioned weapons platform, in Orefield, PA. 16 hours.

Long Range Precision Rifle
11-14 October 2011; Five day combined Basic and Advanced Long-Range Precision Rifle training, at Central Virginia Tactical, regarding the basics of the science of long range shooting ballistics, ammunition, and technique, and the art of calling the wind and other environmental factors affecting accuracy. 42 hours.

Maritime Security Officer
17-25 September 2011; Intensive training for potential assignment as Armed Vessel Security for American-flagged vessels operating in international waters known for current pirate attacks, such as the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Malaccan Straits. Included qualification with the M-107 (.50 cal Barret, FN-FAL semi-auto rifle, the M-4, and Remington 870 shotgun. Conducted by Special Tactical Services, LLC, a professional contract and training company, who provide Maritime Armed Security personnel. 80 hours.

Vikings Tactics Pistol 1.5
November 2-4, 2009. Union County, NJ. Instructor Kyle Lamb, former US Army Sgt Major (ret) SFO-Delta. Intensive combat marksmanship training with pistol. 24 hours.

Advanced Combat Marksmanship
October 27-31, 2009. Ft AP Hill, Virginia. Instructors from Trident Concepts, LLC, with US Navy EOD students. Intensive weapons and tactics training in pistol and carbine. 50+ hours.

Tactical Pistol 3-Day
Aug 31-Sept 2, 2009. Hosted at APA, instructed by Special Tactical Services, LLC (former USMC CQB Instructors). Three days of tactical pistol development and drills. 24 hours.

Vickers Tactical Combative Pistol
July 21-23, 2009. Hosted at the Allentown Police Academy, instructed by MSGT Larry Vickers, US Army, SOFDelta (ret). Accuracy, Speed, and Shooting on the Move with Handguns. 24 hours.

Rapid Response to Active Shooters
May 26-27, 2009. Operator training with ALEERT. 16 hours.

Todd L. Green Pistol Training
May 8-9, 2009. Hosted at Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Gun Club. Instructed by Todd L. Green; “Aim Fast, Hit Fast” pistol training. 16 hours.

Advanced Combative Pistol
April 21-23, 2009. Hosted at the Allentown Police Academy, instructed by Trident Concepts (former NAVSPECWAR), intensive practice of handgun fundamentals, including shooting on the move, accuracy drills, and stress shooting. 34 hours.

Colt AR-15/M-16 Basic Armorer School
Jan 7-9, 2009; Specialized Armament Warehouse Senior Instructor Ken Elmore, hosted at the Allentown Police Academy, leading to a 3-year certification. 24 hours.

Trident Concepts Carbine Operator Course
November 17-19, 2008; Hosted at Montgomery County Emergency Training Center. Instructed by (former) US Naval Special Warfare operators. 30 hours.

Colt 1911 Armorer
September 10-12, 2008; Hosted at NRA Headquarters, Fairfax, Va. Instructed by Colt personnel. Led to certification as Colt 1911 Pistol Armorer. 16 hours.

EAG Carbine Operator Course
August 15-17, 2008; Hosted by the Muhlenberg Township Police, Reading, PA. Pat Rogers, of EAG Tactical; Instructor. Rifle accuracy and fighting techniques, practice, at various ranges and from tactical positions. 24 hours.

Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor; Level One
August 2-3, 2008; Hosted at Allentown Police Academy, instructed by Jeff Martone, of Tactical Athlete, lead to certification to instruct Basic Kettlebell exercises for strength and endurance building. 16 hours.

National Patrol Rifle Conference and Competition
June 1-3, 2008; Hosted by Centermass, Inc, in Novi, Michigan. Included several speakers on Patrol Rifle deployment, policies, and procedures in law enforcement, and competition with approx. 160 officers from around the country. Placed 52nd. 24 hours.

Advanced Combative Pistol
April 9-11, 2008; Hosted at the Allentown Police Academy, instructed by Trident Concepts (former NAVSPECWAR), intensive practice of handgun fundamentals, including shooting on the move, accuracy drills, and stress shooting. One of only six to pass qualification course. 50 hours.

Vickers Tactical Pistol/Carbine
January 18-20, 2008; hosted in Greenville, Texas. Instructed by MSGT. L. Vickers, US Army (ret), veteran instructor/ team leader in SFOD-Delta. Accuracy, Manipulations, Reloads, Malfunctions, and Shooting On Move. 24 hours.

Certified M-16/AR-15 Armorer
November 17-18, 2007; Hosted in York, PA. Instructors from SLR15 Custom Rifles. Instruction/practice leading to certification as an armorer for M-16/AR-15 weapon systems. 16 hours.

Certified SIG SAUER Armorer
November 7-8, 2007; Hosted by East Brunswick, NJ PD, taught by SIG Instructor. Instruction/practice leading to certification as an armorer for SIG SAUER Classic and DAK line of pistols. 16 hours.

Perceptual Driving Instructor Course
Sept 21-30, 2007 (weekends)Hosted at Allentown Police Academy, taught by instructors from Indiana University of PA. Leading to MPOETC certification as EVOC Instructor. 40 hours.

Police Physical Fitness Coordinator
Aug 20-24, 2007; Hosted at Stroud Regional PD, Instructed by Mr. Bill Gibson, PA Chiefs of Police Association, leading to MPOETC certified Fitness Instructor. 40 hours.

Carbine Operator Course
May 21-23, 2007; hosted by Franklin Township PD, with instructors, all former Naval Special Warfare operators, from Trident Concepts, LLC. Fighting, fast and accurate target engagement, with the AR-15 223 caliber weapons system. Stress was on accuracy. 36 hours.

Strategies of Low Light Engagements; Instructor
April 30-May 4th, 2007. Strategos International, LLC, hosted at the Allentown Police Academy. Instructors from Naval Special Warfare and Law Enforcement in Low Light searching and shooting principles, with hand-held and weapon mounted lighting systems. 50 hours.

Patrol Rifle Instructor
12-17 March 2007. Achieved NRA certification for Patrol Rifle Instructor, hosted by York County (PA) Sheriff’s Dept, taught by senior NRA Instructors. 44 hours.

Advanced Combative Carbine
22-24 May 2006, taught by Jeff Gonzales, developed static and on-the-move shooting proficiency with patrol carbine weapons systems, optical and iron sights, and quickly firing with accuracy and precision. Also developed immediate and remedial action skills with the rifle, including transitions to secondary (pistol) weapon. 30+ hours.

Combat Pistol I & Shooting On The Move
15-17, October 2005; taught by Jeff Gonzales, former Naval Special Warfare operator (SEAL), and President of Trident Concepts, LLC. (Location of course was in Hollidaysburg, PA) Tactical pistol shooting techniques, speed and accuracy, followed by a day of shooting while moving. 30 hours.

Edged Weapons Tactics for Law Enforcement
05-07 January 2005; Dynamic Defense Systems instructors, hosted by the Allentown Police Academy. The tactical use of an edged weapon as a “last resort” weapon for self-defense or lawful defense of another, for law enforcement officers. Basic Instructor certification. 24 hours.

Select Fire Instructor Certification
11-15 October 2004; NRA’s Instructor Certification for Select Fire Instructor. Hosted by Allentown Police. Instructors from the NRA’s Law Enforcement Activities Division. Training for trainers; teaching police officers gun fighting survival and mindset on the range. Tactics, marksmanship, shooting techniques for select fire weapons. Approx. 55 hrs in 5 days.

FBI’s Law Enforcement Street Survival
24-28 May,2004. Hosted by Newark Division, FBI, at Fort Dix, NJ. Lecture, live fire, and simunitions, room entry and clearing scenarios, stress shooting, survival mindset. Instructors from FBI SWAT teams from New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. 40 hours.

Low Light Shooting Survival Instructor
10-12, September 2003. Hosted by NRA and Fairfax Co Police (Va.), training conducted by staff of Streamlight Academy. Instructor certification in the techniques to prevail in a deadly force, shooting incident in low light. 24 hours.

Intensive Handgun Skills
21-23 Oct 2002. Hosted by NRA and Fairfax Co Police (Va.), training conducted by Insights Training Center, with former US Army Special Forces instructor. Intensive training in fundamentals of sight management, efficient use of recoil in the context of speed and accuracy with the duty handgun. 30 hours.

Tactical Handgun and Carbine Shooting
09-13 September 2002. Hosted by the NRA and Fairfax Co (VA) Police, training conducted by Special Tactical Services, former US Navy Special Warfare and USMC/Va Beach Police instructors. Focused on improved gun handling and accuracy, in a tactical environment, with the duty handgun and rifle caliber long gun. 40 hours.

Officer Survival in Low Light Conditions Instructor
23-27 July 2001; Instructors from Sure Fire Training Institute, sponsored by NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division, hosted by Fairfax Co. (VA) Police Department. Taught by former US Navy SEALS, US Marine Corp, and former Law Enforcement instructors, emphasizing Principles of surviving and prevailing in an armed confrontation between police and offender in low/no-light conditions. Utilizing hand and weapons mounted lights in the Use of Force Continuum, with principles and techniques for room and building clearing, as well as utilizing lighting conditions to the officer’s advantage in any law enforcement activity. 50 hours.

Tactical Shooting I
15-19 May 2000; Course was held at the Blackwater Training Center, Moyock, NC. Taught by former US Navy SEAL Team Members/Firearms Instructors. Fundamental pistol manipulation and firing under stress, low light, and rapid moving computer-controlled steel and paper targets. Rapid pistol access, smooth target acquisition, and accurate firing emphasized at ranges of 50 to 3 yards. 40 hours.

Urban Rifle for Patrol
20-24 September 1999; As part of the 16th Annual Nat’l Tactical Officers Association in Va. Beach, VA. Tactical Rifle training held over (3) days at Blackwater Training Center, focus on police deployment of a rifle. 24 hours.

F.A.T.S. Instructor Training
March 1999; Firearms Training System Instructor and Judgmental Training. Certification in the lesson plan and educational goals of MPOETC mandated judgmental training using the F.A.T.S. System. Hosted by HACC; 16 hours.

Tactical Drug Operations
07-11 June 1999; NECTC, Ft. Indiantown Gap. High risk/drug search warrants; Tactics and techniques. Designed for Tactical Teams and Narcotics Officers. National Tactical Officers Association instructors. 40 hours.

Tactical Shooting Instructor
12-16 October 1998; NRA, Law Enforcement Activities Division, Instructor School, held at USMC Base, Quantico, VA. Training for trainers; teaching police officers gun fighting survival and mindset on the range. Tactics, marksmanship, unconventional shooting techniques for both shotgun and handgun. Approx. 55 hrs in 5 days.

S.W.A.T. II; Advanced Tactics and Hostage Rescue
22-26 April 1996; Sponsored by International Chiefs of Police, hosted by Chesterfield Police (VA.). Instructed by Senior L.A.P.D. Team supervisors and members. Second level of IACP series of tactical schools, consisting of dry and live fire hostage rescue scenarios; 40 hours.

Defensive Pistol
14-15 October 1995; Taught by Gunsite Training Center, held in Harrisburg, Pa.; Cooper Method of Modern Pistolcraft; 16 hours.

Basic Special Weapons & Tactics; S.W.A.T. I
28-30 August 1995; Sponsored by Int'l Association Chiefs of Police, hosted by Rochester Police (NY), basic emergency response team priorities, nomenclature, techniques. Included stealth entry scenarios. Instructed by Senior L.A.P.D. Team supervisors and members; 24 hours.

"Street Survival '95" (Caliber Press)
21-23 August 1995; Alexandria, VA; Officer Safety and Survival, Post-Critical Incident Management; 24 hours.

Tactical Driving
31 May-02 June 1995; Harrisburg Area Community College; Emergency Vehicle Operations; 24 hours.

Barricaded Gunman
15-17 May 1995; Harrisburg Area Community College; First officer response to barricaded suspects; 24 hours.

Tactical Handcuffing
15 February 1995; Harrisburg Area Community College; 8 hours.

N.R.A. Police Firearms Instructor
07-11 June 1993; Held at Allentown Police Academy; Firearms Instructor Certification; 40 hours.