05/08/2024 LE Advanced Pistol; 16 Hours. East Vincent PD Range, 1205 Commonwealth Dr, Spring City, PA 19475


Sold Out


Hosted at East Vincent PD Range, 1205 Commonwealth Dr, Spring City, PA

Cost: $395

Sold Out

This two-day class is designed to increase an officer’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy with their duty handgun with a goal of eliminating bad habits that cost time and installing correct technique.

Classes have limited enrollment to ensure maximum one-on-one interaction and coaching.

Course Objective: The student will demonstrate a high level of tactical proficiency and accuracy with the semi-automatic pistol.

Enabling Objectives:

  • General firearms safety
  • Safe loading, unloading, and proper clearing procedures
  • Sights, zeroing, slings, holster, equipment setup
  • The must-haves of pistol marksmanship
  • Reloading & malfunction drills
  • Shooting positions
  • Multiple shots/multiple targets Drills
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from barricades & covered positions
  • Efficient training

Ammo requirements (Student Furnished): 1000 Pistol Rounds

Prerequisite (one of the following):

  •  Active or Retired Law Enforcement member or equivalent (must be able to prove)
  •  Retired/former military personnel with a tactical background (must be able to prove involvement)
  • Armed Security
  • Experienced Civilian with prior former training. (Contact us for accepted prior formal training)

Training schedule: Show time is 8:30 am, each day, with instruction starting at 9:00 am and ending at 4:30 pm. A one hour period is allotted for lunch

Individual equipment (Student Furnished):

  • Pistol with at least 3 magazines. Belt with holster and magazine pouches/vest or kit.
  • 1000 rounds of training ammunition
  • Weapon cleaning kit (with Oil for guns.)
  • Rain gear
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Food and water (We’ll take an hour lunch.) · Hat. Gloves optional, but good practice to train in them sometimes.
  • Sunscreen
  • Optical sight for pistol (Optional, and we’ll make you better with it)

Course includes: 16 hours of instruction. Cost: $395 tuition fee (includes all range fees)

“Confidence Through Training”

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