06/20/2024 How to Teach Transition to Pistol Mounted Optics for LE Firearms Instructors (16 hours) Glen Aubrey, NY 13777


7 Seats Available


Limited Enrollment.

Hosted by Broome Co Corrections (location Square Deal Sportsmen, 3205 Rt-26, Glen Aubrey, NY 13777

Local POC: MAJ Robert Charpinsky.  robert.charpinsky@broomecountyny.gov

$425 tuition fee

Contact PDFT for any general questions: Ron.flowers@policedft.com.  610-597-3717

7 Seats Available

Dates: June 20/21, 2024 0830-1700

Host Agency: Broome County Corrections

Location: Square Deal Sportsmen, 3205 Rt-26, Glen Aubrey, NY 13777

Tuition: $425

Class is designed for Agencies or Units that are considering the transition to this technology. If you have  or have not already selected a make/model of pistol mounted RDS, pros/cons of this evolving tool will be discussed.

Current Firearms Instructors will learn how to transition their Department to this accessory, including benefits of its use and policy considerations.  Non-instructors will benefit from the training methodology to shorten the learning curve and transition to RDS.

This two-day class is designed to increase an officer’s or responsible civilian’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy with their duty or every day carry handgun (equipped with a pistol mounted optic) with a goal of preventing bad habits that cost time and installing correct technique.

Classes have limited enrollment to ensure maximum one-on-one interaction and coaching.

Course Objective: The student will demonstrate a high level of tactical proficiency and accuracy with the semi-automatic pistol.

Enabling Objectives:

  • General firearms safety
  • Safe loading, unloading, and proper clearing procedures
  • Sights, zeroing, slings, holster, equipment setup
  • Effective Presentation of Pistol for Reliable Sight Acquisition
  • Reloading & malfunction drills
  • Shooting positions
  • Multiple shots/multiple targets Drills
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from barricades & covered positions
  • Efficient training

Ammo requirements (Student Furnished): 800 Pistol Rounds

Prerequisite (one of the following):

  •  Active or Retired  Law Enforcement member or equivalent
  • Experienced Civilian w/ CCW License and significant prior formal training
  •  Retired/former military personnel
  • Armed Security and US Gov’t Contractors

Training schedule: Show time is 8:30 am, each day, with instruction starting at 9:00 am and ending at 4:30 pm. A one hour period is allotted for lunch

Individual equipment (Student Furnished):

  • Pistol with a minimum of 3 magazines. Belt with holster and magazine pouches/vest or kit.
  • Weapon cleaning kit (with Oil for guns.)
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Food and water (We’ll take an hour lunch.) · Hat. (Gloves optional, but good practice to train in them sometimes.)
  • Optical sight for pistol  (weapon mounted white light and hand held light for night fire, depending on location).

Course includes: 16 hours of instruction. Cost: $425 tuition fee (includes all range fees)

“Confidence Through Training”

IF an agency is undecided about which RDS they may select/offer to their personnel, this class will discuss current technology, industry trends, and certain RDS features. (We do not endorse a specific make/model of RDS but can help you drill down on pros and cons of various models and how they may be configured).

Organized to help officers learn the efficient and effective way to utilize this tool, officers will avoid the common issues encountered when agencies employ this sighting system without effective transition training.

Students will zero their RDS, with explanations of the benefits of a zero, in real terms, at various distances. Dot size, expressed in MOA, will be thoroughly explained. RDS relationship to iron sights will be discussed. Myths regarding iron sight vs RDS qualifications will be dispelled.

Alternate aiming techniques will be drilled. Weapons manipulations (loading/unloading, malfunctions) will be practiced.

An RDS night shoot may be conducted, depending on location.

RDS benefits to veteran officers will be discussed. Advantages of RDS at distance will be discussed, demonstrated, and drilled.

Taking advantage of the intuitive “target/threat focused” benefit of the RDS, students will undergo a structured series of drills and exercises that will allow rapid skill acquisition, confidence, and increased proficiency with their duty handguns. Before and after skill tests will be conducted.

Required Equipment:

  • Duty Pistol equipped with RDS
  • 3 Magazines
  • Holster that that allows RDS on duty and weapon-mounted white light (May be a night fire, depending on location)
  • Ball cap
  • Eye protection
  • Hand-held light
  • 800 rounds of ammunition

Firearms Instructors are encouraged to attend to learn how they might transition their agency.  Non-instructors will benefit from the training methodology to shorten the learning curve and transition to RDS.

Registration is here: https://policedft.com/product-category/upcoming-courses/

Contact PDFT for Department Invoice, if needed.

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