08/11/2021; Police Pistol Operator Refresher and Advanced; (16-Hour Class)


Sold Out


LE Only

Hosted by East Vincent PD, location 1205 Commonwealth Drive, Spring City, PA

Sold Out

Course Description

Two days of LE Tactical Handgun, focusing on skill development with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.

Day 1 will emphasize smooth and accurate fire, paying significant attention to the principle of “perfect practice makes perfect,”  a target distances reflecting situations police officers could face.  Sights and trigger management are key, especially as distances increase.  Trigger management drills with one hand, including non-dominant hand

Class will also discuss red dot sights (RDS) for LE and best ways forward to transition and train for them.

Day 2 will include an increasingly demanding set of drills, static and moving, and include best use of cover, multiple targets, target identification and decision making, fighting with one hand, and bi-lateral pistol shooting.

Class will include a before and after Qualification Course of Fire.

Max Enrollment: 10 Officers

16 Hours (MPOETC Approved for Continuing Law Enforcement Education credits; 8 hours, CLEE 1559)

Accepted by NRA LE Division for CE

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