06/04/2020; Law Enforcement Low Light Firearms-Principles and Techniques (1-Day Class)


Sold Out


LE, Corrections, or Armed Security Only

Two Dates to Choose From: June 3rd or June 4th, 2020. (Register for one only)

Location: Lewisburg FCI Range, 2400 ROBERT F. MILLER DRIVE, LEWISBURG, PA  17837

Times:     1600-2400 each class.

Cost:        $140 per officer.  ***Limited Enrollment***

Approved for NRA LE Division Continuing Education

Sold Out

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course of instruction the student will have reviewed the use of hand-held and weapon-mounted white light in the context of a Use of Force paradigm.

The student will understand best practices in the deployment of white light to tactically search for and locate suspects and potential threats, properly and safely identify persons found as threats or non-threats and engage identified threats.

Students will understand and demonstrate the use of a white light as a communication tool with fellow officers.

Students will understand and demonstrate the use of the white light as a temporary distraction device used to gain tactical advantage and/or control a suspect.

Students will understand the various types of hand-held and weapon-mounted white lights, how they are operated, and which techniques with those various hand-held white lights work best for police duty pistols and rifles.

Students will demonstrate proficiency with white light techniques with a series of proficiency dry and live fire drills, culminating in a Low Light Qualification Course of Fire (COF).

Contacts: Ron Flowers, PDFT, 610-597-3717

Keith Tamborelli, Sunbury PD, (cell, text) 570-975-3882140

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