01/13/2020-01/15/2020; Police and Security Rifle Instructor Refresher and Operator Class (2-Day Class)


Sold Out


January 13-15, 2020

Limerick, PA

0830-1630 Daily

Sold Out

Required Equipment:

Eye/Ear Protection, AR-15 variant carbine, 3+ magazines (with means/method for carrying at least one magazine on person), duty belt. Approximately 1000 rounds of 5.56/.223 as appropriate.

Class will consist of a mix of dry-fire and live-fire exercises, as well as short discussions.

Discussions will include Safety, LE Rifle Zero, Nomenclature, Field Strip, Cycle of Operations, Ammunition Selection, Target Identification/Discrimination, Magnification, Offset and other topics.

Dry-Fire and Live-Fire exercises will include Confirmation of Zero (iron sights and RDS). Loading/Unloading, In Battery and Out-of-Battery Malfunctions, Accuracy Development, Accuracy Under Pressure, Offset, Facing Movements, Move/Shoot, Shoot/Move, SOM, Positional Shooting, Use of Barricades for Support and Cover, Transition to Handgun and other skill enhancing and challenging exercises.

All of the above will be approached from the perspective of sharing new ways to verbalize and demonstrate patrol rifle techniques to enhance instructional ability and operator efficiency.

Dress appropriate for the weather and bring a lunch/snacks.  Full syllabus upon request.


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