Low Light Strategies for LE Pistol/Rifle (1-2 Day Class)

Class is designed to improve operator's skill with a pistol and/or rifle in low light conditions.

8 or 16 Hours

Police Officers spend at least half of their careers working in reduced light conditions, even more if one factors in building searches and other interior work.

While most officers have some exposure to the use of handheld lights, it is often minimal and not well practiced.

While weapon mounted lights are prevalent now, police are not always or immediately justified in pointing a weapon at a person they encounter. Handheld light techniques are a “must have” skill.

Course includes practice in a variety of hand-held and weapon mounted light techniques, the use of light in the UoF Continuum, lighting techniques for safer searching, lights as temporary distractions (as well as “bullet magnets”), and dim light navigation options.

Various equipment choices are reviewed, and we go over the pros and cons of each, and methods of light actuation.

Also practiced are weapon manipulations while using a handheld light (reloads, malfunctions, etc).

NOTE: Hosting this class requires a range that is available for nighttime use, or an indoor range where lighting can be controlled.

Required Equipment:
  • 400 rounds per weapon
  • At least two magazines per platform
  • Ball cap
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Holster that accommodates a mounted weapon light (if needed)
  • Issued or off-duty pistol (and/or rifle)
  • Quality handheld light or lights

Certified in Low Light Strategies by Sure Fire Institute, Streamlight Academy, and Strategos since 2001.

Course Objective: The student will achieve a high level of confidence in the safe handling and operation of their pistol or rifle in low light situations.

Enabling Objectives:

Low Light Strategies for LE Pistol/Rifle


General safety

Light in the UoF continuum

Malfunctions & manipulations

Low Light Strategies for LE Pistol/Rifle

Equipment Setup

Effective searching techniques

Handheld light techniques

Proper holster

Low Light Strategies for LE Pistol/Rifle


Before/After tests

Improved proficiency

Speed drills

Low Light Strategies for LE Pistol/Rifle

Efficient Training

Presentation to target

Proper marksmanship

Shooting positions

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