Pistol Red Dot Sight Transition (2 Day Class)

Class is designed to facilitate to Agency’s transition to RDS on duty pistols for their officers who purchase them or are issued this accessory. This is a new RDS Operator level class.

Approximately 16 Hours

This class presupposes an Agency has done their testing and evaluation of current technology, and selected pistol RDS that will be approved or issued. (PDFT is available for consultation if those choices have not been made. We do not endorse a specific make/model of RDS, but can help you drill down on pros and cons of various models and how they may be configured).

Organized to help officers learn the efficient and effective way to utilize this tool, officers will avoid the common issues encountered when agencies employ this sighting system.

Students will zero their RDS, with explanations of the benefits of a zero, in real terms, at various distances. Dot size, expressed in MOA, will be thoroughly explained. RDS relationship to iron sights will be discussed. Myths regarding iron sight vs RDS qualifications will be dispelled.

Alternate aiming techniques will be drilled. Weapons manipulations (loading/unloading, malfunctions) will be practiced.

If the venue permits, an RDS night shoot will be conducted.

RDS benefits to veteran officers will be discussed. Advantages of RDS at distance will be discussed, demonstrated, and drilled.

Taking advantage of the intuitive “target/threat focused” benefit of the RDS, students will undergo a structured series of drills and exercises that will allow rapid skill acquisition, confidence, and increased proficiency with their duty handguns. Before and after skill tests will be conducted.

Required Equipment:
  • 3 Magazines
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Ball cap
  • Duty Pistol equipped with RDS
  • Eye protection
  • Hand-held light
  • Holster that accomodates the RDS and weapon-mounted white light
  • Current or Retired LE, current or former military with a tactical background, or armed security. Proof of status required.

Course Objective: The student will achieve a high level of confidence in the safe handling and operation of their RDS with a substantial improvement in accuracy and speed of target engagement.

Enabling Objectives:

Pistol Red Dot Sight Transition


Clearing procedures

For new operators

General safety

Pistol Red Dot Sight Transition

Equipment Setup

Proper holster



Pistol Red Dot Sight Transition


Before/after tests

Improved proficiency

Speed drills

Pistol Red Dot Sight Transition

Efficient Training

Presentation to target

Proper marksmanship

Shooting positions

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