Concealed & Off-Duty Carry (1 Day Class)

This course is designed for officers newly assigned to units where concealed carry is the norm, or officers looking for best practices in carrying a firearm off-duty.

Approximately 8 Hours

Discussions on officer identification, potential “blue on blue” dangers, and other concealed carry considerations will be discussed and drilled.

Effects of various types of concealment garments will be explored, as well as holster considerations and carry positions (inside-the-waistband, appendix-inside-the-waistband, and outside-the-waistband).

Overt and surreptitious accessing of the firearm will be drilled. Shooting and movement will be demonstrated and practiced. One-handed shooting from concealment will be discussed and drilled.

The key is good reps, lots of good reps. Keys to good practice will be discussed throughout the day.

Required Equipment:
  • 3 magazines (concealed mag pouch recommended, but not required)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Ball cap
  • Button-down concealment shirt
  • Eye protection
  • Hard-sided holster for your specific firearm (AIWB, IWB, or OWB)
  • Light or heavy jacket (depending on time of year)
  • Loose t-shirt
  • On-duty or off-duty firearm
  • Current or Retired LE, current or former military with a tactical background, or armed security. Proof of status required.

Course Objective: The student will achieve a high level of confidence in the safe handling and operation of their pistol while carrying concealed or while off-duty.

Enabling Objectives:

Concealed Carry & Off-Duty Carry


Concealed Carry & Off-Duty Carry

Equipment Setup

Concealed Carry & Off-Duty Carry

Reps & Drills

Concealed Carry & Off-Duty Carry

Proper Practice

Looking for proper training on concealed & off-duty carry?


"Confidence Through Training"