Introduction to Handgun for LE Spouses (1 Day Class)

Recommended for agencies pro-actively seeking to keep the families of their officers safe and prepared. Individual officer families welcome!

Approximately 8 Hours

$210 tuition fee

Law Enforcement officers receive significant training in the Police Academy and are generally ready to have a firearm in the home when they graduate and begin serving their communities. But are their spouses prepared to have a gun in the house? Do they know how to use it, if circumstances require it? Are their children in the home? If so, what are some ways to secure the weapon and yet allow quick and efficient access?

An LE spouse has a responsibility to prepare for a firearm coming in and out of the house every day. While a qualified LE officer is competent, he/she may not be the best person to train their spouse or family. Differences in adult learning methods or differences in upper body and hand strength are best addressed by professional trainers.

This course is designed for the LE spouse, and/or their older children, with limited or no experience nor formal training. Approximately 8 hours. ***Spouse must accompany an older child student, unless child is over 21***

Demonstration and practice (dry-fire) of grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, follow through, loading and unloading.

Second half of the day conducted live fire, with drills to ground the student in the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Legal considerations of the use of deadly force to defend yourself or others will be discussed.

Required Equipment:
  • Brimmed cap
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Reputable semi-automatic or revolver handgun with at least two magazines or speed loaders
  • Suitable ammunition for that firearm (approx. 300 rounds)
  • Magazne/speedloader pouch (optional)
  • Rigid outside-the-waistband holster for that handgun
  • Regular pants and a rigid belt
  • NO low-cut shirts/t-shirts, long sleeves recommended
  • No open-toe shoes
  • Must be the spouse or older child of current or retired LE, current or former military, or armed security. Proof of status required.

Course Objective: The student will achieve a high level of confidence in the safe handling and operation of their pistol.

Subjects Covered:

Introduction to Handgun for LE Spouses


General Safety

Field Stripping

Assembly, disassembly

Cleaning, maintenance

Introduction to Handgun for LE Spouses

Equipment Setup

Proper holsters

Action types

Proper protection

Magazines, pouch

Introduction to Handgun for LE Spouses


Speed drills

Firing cycle

Loading, unloading

Dry-fire practice

Introduction to Handgun for LE Spouses

Proper Practice

Sight alignment

Grip, stance

Follow through

Loading, unloading

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